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Hulloween Steampunk Market

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor (PQ event space), 10am-4pm.

A mixture of over 40 Steampunk and other traders will be vying for your attention and your pennies.

If you already have a Steampunk outfit this will be the perfect time to find that little something extra to make it even more special – or if you are just about to dip your toe into the water of Steampunk Fabulousness this will be an ideal time to make your first purchases – with plenty of amazing costumes to take inspiration from and lots of friendly traders to offer you their finest impartial advice!

Steampunk Celluloid Junkie

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay atrium, 10am-4pm.

The Steampunk Celluloid Junkie will be bringing his characterised style of digital art to the Hulloween Steampunk Weekend.

Princes Quay atrium will host a live gallery of Steampunk pictures on the big screen and the Steampunk Celluloid Junkie will have a portrait shooting gallery and laboratory set up next to it, so that everyone can be part of the Steampunk Exhibition.

All Steampunks are welcome to have their portraits characterised and for those who don’t own Steampunk paraphernalia, there will be some props and costumes available so that anyone can take part.

Just turn up and let us know you want to be part of this exciting new feature for Hulloween 2023 – the Steampunk Celluloid Junkie’s Gallery of Hulloween Characters.

The pictures will also appear on the @steampunkcelluloidjunkie Facebook page.

Teapot Racing

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay atrium, 11am.

Few Steampunk pastimes make more sense than Hulloween teapot racing. It’s another high-adrenaline sport which combines that quintessentially Steampunk vessel from which one of our favourite beverages is served with the thrill of a race.

Come along and see how the sport works and why it has been attracting such a following. You are welcome to bring your own racing teapot along if you have one, but if not there are likely to be one or two teapots that can be driven by visitors who have arrived ‘unarmed’ (as it were).

Especially for the occasion there will be a spooky twist to the racing course. There will be a medal for the fastest time, and possibly also for the slowest.

Raven Morris Dancers

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 3pm.

Clashing of sticks, shouting, shantie singing, border dances and giant puppets, all done in the gorgeous style of steampunk.

Exhibition of Steampunk costumes and artefacts

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 11am-3pm.

Imagine what a shock you would get if you came across an earnest gentleman such as the one you see here inviting you to peruse an array of weird and wonderful artefacts with a spooky, curious and even evil ‘something’ about them.

And what if said gentlemen and his shop of weird curiosities could be found on Princes Quay’s ground floor on Sunday?

Well that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Steampunk Talks

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 11am-3pm.

11am: Defensive Couture and Combative Coattails (or Why Zombies Love A Little Black Dress)

A lively examination of how fatally flawed one’s splendid attire can be. 

Does your corset have strings attached? Are unwanted werewolves chewing on your tailcoat? Splendid gowns and fine garments can turn unwanted heads, but a well pressed collar could change that. Brave volunteers could discover how to protect more than their neck. Take advice from our seasoned hunters on how to apply ingenious creative flair to your wardrobe.

Guided by Shellie Horst, guests Emma Whitehall, Carl F Northwood, and Keith W Dickinson will invite guests to explore the perils of dressing to impress – without dropping a stitch. 

12pm: Glunda the Veg Witch


“A witch’s boots told the story of her life. They showed you where she’d been, where she was going, and what kind of a witch she would be when she got there. And, most importantly, they were proof that said witch was not someone to be trifled with.

She was to be listened to, and obeyed, and yes sometimes even feared, because her wisdom was hard earned and her wrath swift and mighty.

They would have to be, for her to have lived in such boots for so many a year. No one trusted a witch in brand new boots, and rightly so as far as Glunda was concerned.”

1pm: Hull Wilberforcian Steampunks

Come and meet Howard Callaway and friends from the Hull Wilberforcian Steampunks to discover all you need to know about the Steampunk scene in Hull and further afield.

This will be an opportunity to find out what makes local Steampunks ‘tick’. There will be ample time to ask questions about how you can become involved.

But be warned; Steampunk is a very addictive scene!

2pm: Writing Your World

Join our brave adventure-authors and explore the derring-do involved in taking steampunk novels (and other forms) to the world, and how not to be eaten alive in the process. Even our audience will have a part in this quest.

Moderated by Shellie Horst, with guests Emma Whitehall, Carl F Northwood, and Keith W Dickinson 

Steampunk 101

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 12pm.

Come and join the Ministry of Steampunk to find out everything you need to know about Steampunk.

Where did it come from? Is it about literature, or costuming? Is there Steampunk music? Do Steampunks have normal lives outside of Steampunk?

How do you get involved? Do you have to wear particular items of clothing to be a Steampunk?

What’s the only ‘golden rule?’

Come and find out the answers to all these questions and more in this introduction to Steampunk talk.

Ethereal Voices

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 1pm.

HumberSFF does Hulloween!

Are you the next Mary Shelley, Cherie Priest, or William Gibson? Join The Extra-Ordinary League of Literary Luminati and share your work!

Bring us your paranormal, your gothic, and horror*. Spaceships, dragons, vampires, and werewolves.

Bonus points for airships over run by dragons being chased by vampires, in space!

If you would like to listen, just come along.

If you would like to read at the Open Mic, please reserve a place to have your ten minutes of fame.

 * Must be suitable for under 13s due to daytime audience.

Tea Duelling

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 1pm.

Do you have nerves of steel? Do you have what it takes to resist eating your dunked biscuit until the very last moment before it collapses in a mess?

If the answer is yes, then you might be in with a chance to be crowned the Hulloween II champion in this most Steampunk of extreme sports.

The winner will automatically be entered into the World (yes, World!!) Championship at The Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln in August 2024 and will also go home with a Ministry of Steampunk medal.

Tower Tours

Sunday 22nd October. Hull Minster, 1pm-4pm.

Tower tours will be running throughout the weekend. Please go to to book your place

Illicit Market

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, 1.30pm-2.15pm.

Nobody really knows whether the illicit market takes place. If it ever does, it might be going to take place on Sunday at Hulloween. It could possibly take place in Princes Quay’s ground floor at about 1:30PM before the Grand Parade (nudge nudge).

But you didn’t read that here, did you?

The Illicit Market is an opportunity for (cough) very small traders to (cough) come along for a very short while to (cough) operate beneath the radar of the ‘authorities’ (cough) for a spot of barter and purchase. Unlike the Old Curiosity Swap, money is allowed to change hands at the Illicit Market, or else it would if it ever happened.

Which obviously it doesn’t.

You could find out more about the illicit market on the Ministry of Steampunk website if you were so inclined. But you probably aren’t, because it never happens anyway

Grand Steampunk Parade

Sunday 22nd October. Meet in Zebedee’s Yard, 2pm for 2.15pm start.

Join in with the Ministry of Steampunk and the Hull Wilberforcian Steampunk group as we parade through the city from Zebedee’s Yard to Paragon Square to Princes Quay in fantastic costumes.

We welcome Steampunks and anyone in a costume to join the parade. Saturday’s Hulloween Parade will focus on perhaps the less glamorous side of Hulloween, whereas Sunday’s Grand Steampunk Parade will celebrate steampunk at its finest, so dress to impress.

At the end of the parade there will be medals awarded for the best adult and child costumes.

Facial Hair Competition

Sunday 22nd October. Princes Quay ground floor, at the end of the Grand Parade (approx 3pm).

With none other that Mr Sweeney Todd inviting festival goers to this year’s Immortal Ball it would seem remiss not to celebrate the occasion by holding a Facial Hair Competition.

You don’t need a Y chromosome to enter the competition, but you do need facial hair, even if you have borrowed it for the occasion.

The competition will take place in Princes Quay at the conclusion of the Grand Parade.

Bibliomancy 101

Sunday 22nd October. Meet at Zebedee’s Yard entrance, 3pm.


Graverobbing, map hunting, and weapon development… this is not your average quest.

Bring your imagination and join the most creative minds the north could spare to assemble a tale so impeccably gripping, even the walking dead will be unable to resist its pull.

Meet Shellie under the archway entrance to Zebedee’s Yard at 3pm for a walk, ending at Hepworth’s Arcade at 4pm.