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Steampunk Market

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay ground floor (PQ Event Space), 10am-4pm.

A mixture of over 40 Steampunk and other traders will be vying for your attention and your pennies.

If you already have a Steampunk outfit this will be the perfect time to find that little something extra to make it even more special – or if you are just about to dip your toe into the water of Steampunk Fabulousness this will be an ideal time to make your first purchases – with plenty of amazing costumes to take inspiration from and lots of friendly traders to offer you their finest impartial advice!

Tower Tours

Saturday 21st October. Hull Minster, 10am-3pm.

Tower tours will be running throughout the weekend. Please go to to book your place.

Hulloween Parade

Saturday 21st October. Meet in Paragon Square, 10am

Whether you are alive or dead, or somewhere in between, this is your chance to join us in your finest (?!) Halloween-themed costume or outfit as we take a leisurely Hulloween ‘shamble’ along the streets of Hull.

Meet up with other zombies, steampunks in their finery (a few of whom will likely be vampires or vampire-hunters in disguise), undead creatures, ghosts, vampires, clowns, witches, black cats, Wednesday Addams, walking cobwebs and any number of other Hulloween-y characters.

We will meet at 10am on Saturday morning in Paragon Square and set off at 10.15am to make our way through the streets of Hull, ending up at the Steampunk markets in Princes Quay.

At the end of the parade, medals will be awarded to the best-dressed Adult the best-dressed Child and the best-dressed family (or other) group. So it’s time to get your thinking hats on and decide what you are going to wear.

Exhibition of Steampunk costumes and artefacts

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay atrium, 10am-4pm.

You can expect the Princes Quay atrium to be taken over for the Hulloween weekend by the Ministry of Steampunk and friends. 

There will be displays including the ‘Shop of Horrors’ and other Steampunk/Halloween inspired creations, possibly including a family of Cybermen with slightly ‘unusual’ features. 

Steampunk Celluloid Junkie

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay atrium, 10am-4pm.

The Steampunk Celluloid Junkie will be bringing his characterised style of digital art to the Hulloween Steampunk Weekend.

Princes Quay atrium will host a live gallery of Steampunk pictures on the big screen and the Steampunk Celluloid Junkie will have a portrait shooting gallery and laboratory set up next to it, so that everyone can be part of the Steampunk Exhibition.

All Steampunks are welcome to have their portraits characterised and for those who don’t own Steampunk paraphernalia, there will be some props and costumes available so that anyone can take part.

Just turn up and let us know you want to be part of this exciting new feature for Hulloween 2023 – the Steampunk Celluloid Junkie’s Gallery of Hulloween Characters.

The pictures will also appear on the @steampunkcelluloidjunkie Facebook page.

Teapot Racing

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay atrium, 11am.

Few Steampunk pastimes make more sense than Hulloween teapot racing. It’s another high-adrenaline sport which combines that quintessentially Steampunk vessel from which one of our favourite beverages is served with the thrill of a race.

Come along and see how the sport works and why it has been attracting such a following. You are welcome to bring your own racing teapot along if you have one, but if not there are likely to be one or two teapots that can be driven by visitors who have arrived ‘unarmed’ (as it were).

Especially for the occasion there will be a spooky twist to the racing course. There will be a medal for the fastest time, and possibly also for the slowest.

Steampunk Talks

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay ground floor, 12pm-4pm.

12pm: Hull Wilberforcian Steampunks

Come and meet Howard Callaway and friends from the Hull Wilberforcian Steampunks to discover all you need to know about the Steampunk scene in Hull and further afield.

This will be an opportunity to find out what makes local Steampunks ‘tick’. There will be ample time to ask questions about how you can become involved.

But be warned; Steampunk is a very addictive scene!

1pm: Risen from the North

Lost on the moors, and writhing free of the waterways, best selling fiction can be found right here. Explore new stories found in the wilderness, and hear from those brave enough to shape them.

We’ve gathered Northern authors Craig Hallam, Emma Whitehall, Keith W Dickinson and Carl F Northwood to share their work.

Come, pick their brains before they become mush!

2pm: Defensive Couture and Combative Coattails (or Why Zombies Love A Little Black Dress)

A lively examination of how fatally flawed one’s splendid attire can be. 

Does your corset have strings attached? Are unwanted werewolves chewing on your tailcoat? Splendid gowns and fine garments can turn unwanted heads, but a well pressed collar could change that. Brave volunteers could discover how to protect more than their neck. Take advice from our seasoned hunters on how to apply ingenious creative flair to your wardrobe.

Guided by Shellie Horst, guests Emma Whitehall, Carl F Northwood, and Craig Hallam will invite guests to explore the perils of dressing to impress – without dropping a stitch. 

3pm: Glunda the Veg Witch


“A witch’s boots told the story of her life. They showed you where she’d been, where she was going, and what kind of a witch she would be when she got there. And, most importantly, they were proof that said witch was not someone to be trifled with.

She was to be listened to, and obeyed, and yes sometimes even feared, because her wisdom was hard earned and her wrath swift and mighty.

They would have to be, for her to have lived in such boots for so many a year. No one trusted a witch in brand new boots, and rightly so as far as Glunda was concerned.”

Choral music from S.C.O.N.E

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay atrium, 12pm and 3pm.

Come and hear Lincoln’s famous Steampunk Choir of Notorious Excellence S.C.O.N.E. who will be singing for your joy, entertainment and delight.

If you need more songs about gin in your life, S.C.O.N.E. are the choir you have been looking for. Expect neo-Victorian choir tomfoolery, with copious references to tea, airships and even the war hippo cavalry!

The Old Curiosity Swap

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay ground floor, 1pm-2pm.

The Old Curiosity Swap is an opportunity for participants to swap items with each other, such as trinkets, badges, patches or whatever else they wish to bring along. The principal rule is that no money must exchange hands – this is purely for swapping items.

You are, of course, free to take part in the trading of treasures at any time over the weekend, but we suggest a meet-up for interested participants between 1PM and 2PM in Princes Quay’s ground floor on Saturday. 


Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay atrium, 1pm-2pm.

Ullalele is a progressive ukulele rock quartet, purveyors of the finest Steamplunk since the last years of the nineteenth century. Their music is inspired by early historical scientific romance, science and magic. They  blend lyricism with great harmonies, and maybe darkly humorous but are always highly entertaining.

Think Horrible Histories, only more highbrow.

Steampunk 101

Saturday 21st October. Princes Quay ground floor, 2pm.

Come and join the Ministry of Steampunk to find out everything you need to know about Steampunk.

Where did it come from? Is it about literature, or costuming? Is there Steampunk music? Do Steampunks have normal lives outside of Steampunk?

How do you get involved? Do you have to wear particular items of clothing to be a Steampunk?

What’s the only ‘golden rule?’

Come and find out the answers to all these questions and more in this introduction to Steampunk talk.

All Hallows Tide Choral Evensong

Saturday 21st October. Hull Minster, 4pm-5pm.

Further details to follow.

The Immortal Ball

Saturday 21st October. Guildhall. 7pm-midnight. Ages 16+

Mrs Nellie Lovett and Mr Sweeney Todd invite the pleasure of your company at the second Immortal Ball to be held at the Guildhall in Hull.

The Immortal Ball is the centrepiece of the Hulloween Steampunk Festival and will include a sumptuous candlelit meal followed by an opportunity to listen and dance to The Retrobates – who will be returning by popular demand following their performances at last year’s Grand Asylum Ball and the DecoDance at Asylum XIII.

As a result of her continuing business relationship with Mr Todd, Mrs Lovett is particularly keen for you to try her new range of pies, previously the finest pies in London, but soon to become the very finest in Kingston upon Hull.

Mr Todd, in turn, will be delighted to welcome Gentlemen to his new Barbershop in the Hepworth Arcade, right next to Mrs Lovett’s pie shop. Appointments will be available up to 11AM on the day of the ball; beyond this time, Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett will be busy in the kitchen.

Vegetarian and Vegan options will also be available (Mrs Lovett’s other neighbour is a greengrocer of repute).

Mortals and Immortals are equally welcome at the Immortal Ball. Expect Vampires, Steampunks, Witches, Wednesday Addams and, quite possibly, the Spirits of the very recently departed.

Doors 7PM for 7:30PM
Hearses at the witching hour (midnight)

Tickets available at where you will also find Mrs Lovett’s culinary plans for the evening.

Ghost walk with Mike Covell

Saturday 21st October. Trinity Square, 8pm-9.30pm. Ages 20+

Join local historian, author and expert on all things spooky Mike Covell on a walking tour of Hull’s ghostly myths and legends. The walk will begin at 8pm at the Andrew Marvell Statue outside the Hands on History museum in Trinity Square, returning to the same spot at 9.30pm.

Numbers are strictly limited so advance booking is essential. The cost is £5 per head. To book your place on the tour, send an email to quoting reference ‘Steampunk’.